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Active and silent methods

Annual Fundraisers: Grass Lake PTA runs several active fundraisers including Gators Give, restaurant takeovers, a carnival event, pancake breakfast and celebration of the arts.


Other Opportunities: Outside of our seasonal fundraisers, your family can easily support the school year-round with very little effort. 'Silent fundraisers' collect small donations from corporations based on your normal everyday shopping.  See more information below about Box Tops, Amazon Smile, and Fred Meyer Rewards

Gators Give

Every October our PTA promotes the opportunity to contribute to the Gators Give direct fundraiser.  The money raised goes towards funding our awesome PTA programs and as our biggest fundraiser each year, we have been amazed by the generous community support.


Gators Give has an online PayPal option this year! 


Digitally collect box tops: 

  1. Download the free Box Tops for Education app

  2. Select Grass Lake Elementary as your school. 

  3. Scan your grocery receipt. 

  4. The app will automatically identify participating products and send us 10¢ per Box Top. 

    Click here for a list of participating products:


Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchases when shopping on: 


How do I select a charitable organization when shopping on Amazon Smile?


  1. Go to or download the app for your phone.

  2. Select Grass Lake Elementary PTA 9 7 20 as your charitable organization. 

  3. The smile site and app will automatically remember your organization every time you shop there.


Fred Meyer Rewards

Fred Meyer will donate based on purchases made using your shopper's card:


How do I select a charitable organization when shopping at Fred Meyer?


  1. Create a digital account to link your shopper's card.

  2. Search Grass Lake Elementary PTA 9 7 20 as your charitable organization, select it and click "save." 

  3. Your shopper's card will automatically remember your organization every time you use it while shopping with Fred Meyer.



Box Tops for Education

Amazon Smile

If at any time you feel moved to make a donation to Gators PTA, our school would be very grateful.  Please feel free to reach out to us.

Any contribution you make may be eligible for an employer donation match.  Please contact us for more details about setting-up employer matching.

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